Sunday, November 30, 2008

Would the Real Dining Room Please Stand Up?

When I originally posted this picture in my post A little bit of evening fall... some of you thought this was our dining room.  
It is actually just a drop leaf table and sideboard we incorporated into our very long narrow living room to fill space.  It is probably one of the spaces in our home we use the most.  The kids eat breakfast there, do homework there, projects, crafts, Curtis & I eat meals there a lot (we don't get to eat as a family often because of Curtis's schedule so I feed the kids and wait on him).  Our living room is one of our favorite spaces also because it is totally open to the kitchen on the one side and the other is an entire wall of sliders that opens the space up to the porch & pool area.
A view from the family room in the front of the house.  This is the piece that got a redo and works perfectly in the space.  Yes...the lamps are the exact same as those in the living room on the sideboard with different shades.  After looking at 9 different stores in 3 cities and online...they were the only ones I liked that were reasonably priced.
From the family room in the front of the house.  Not much can be put in this room because it has 1 window and 3 doorways...but it is perfect for us!
A view from the kitchen.  We got the table & the linen on it from of our absolute favorite places to shop!!!
A look at the front of the redo.  I know the lighting is terrible...I should have taken a picture before I brought it in...that is where my camera is at it's best.  
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

O Lord, with humble hearts we pray
Thy blessing this Thanksgiving Day
And ask that at table place,
Where grateful folk say words of grace,
That Thou will come to share the yield
Thy bounty gave to farm and field
We pray thy love will bless, O Lord,
Each hearth, each home, each festive board;
And that Thy peace will come to stay
Where candles glow, Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What on earth has the Hancock family been up to?

In addition to all of our busyness we have been sick, but we're on the mend!!!

Some of what we've been busy doing...

Logan's little fish Macaroni died...I actually think I killed him when I cleaned his tank.  I went to retrieve him right away when the kids told me he was dead and this is what I found.  I felt terrible when I saw his little note!!!
Courtney had a project due for Geography.  They had to create & map their own island with 3 cities, 15 physical features, 2 forms of transportation, a legend/key (hanging from the map it serves as her map key and the key to the Capital City of Peace).  She also had to create a flag for the country.  Courtney included some of our favorite places in her cities...
Great job sister...I would totally live there!!!
Our next bit of busyness...a cornucopia for Curtis's fall display at Publix.  Oh the things you can make out of chicken wire and a pool noodle!
The finished cornucopia in all it's glory at the store.  The kids & I took it to the store after I put the finishing touches on it.  I wish you all could have seen the people staring at us taking this thing into the store on top of a grocery cart.  People were looking at us with a strange curiosity like we all had a third eye or something. 
Then there is this.  It belonged to my husband's father who died when he was only 2.  Ugly to start with and 32 years of being dragged/moved from one place to another hasn't done it any good.  I really wanted to trash it, but was guilted into refinishing it.  I'm actually glad I did keep & refinish it!!! photo of the refinish yet!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting DRAMA Part II...

2 transfers
2 precincts
3 trips
4 hours
1 Vote for McCain/Palin

Worth it?  Absolutely!!!

Voting DRAMA...

-Curtis and I updated our voter registration information at the same time when we moved to this house.
-My Voter Registration Card has been updated and has all the correct information on it.
-My Driver License has been updated and has all the correct information on it.
-I have voted at this precinct before.
-Curtis's name was on the list and mine was not.
-My name had been changed in the system to... Dawn Renee Hancock.  This Dawn Renee is in the system with my address, my DOB.  Interesting!

Because of the name issue... they have said the only way for me to vote is to be transferred back to my old precinct... hence the VOTER AFFIRMATION FORM above!

I hope all went well where you are!!! 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Get out and vote tomorrow...


November 4th, 2008

p.s.  Sandy Toes at Shell In Your Pocket 
had some excellent thoughts!!!

Also check out... Dr. Snyders

A Random Act of Kindness...

So after my weekend, being sick all night, having a sick kid at home, and having the most unfortunate conversation with the rudest person (JoAnn Reese) in Employee Group Benefits at Publix (btw...I love Publix...just not rude people)... Logan and I loaded up and headed to Starbuck's drive-thru for a coffee and an organic apple juice.  When I moved to the window to pay I got the warmest greeting and smile from Amberley who works at Starbucks.  She told me that the man in the car ahead of me had paid for my order!  That Random Act of Kindness made my day!

Check out the following links...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Weekend from H... E... Double Hockey Sticks...

1.  The kids and I pulled everything out of the garage on a day that it was not supposed to rain.
2.  I painted the garage floor.
3.  It not only poured.
4.  Said paint is taking a really long time to totally dry.
5.  We had to have a plumber out...on a weekend.
6.  We had to have the septic people out...on a weekend.  (thankfully he, a fellow supporter of McCain/Palin, let Curtis help dig so that he wouldn't have to charge us for another hour...because our tank is under the porch...and because he knows we're going to need the change we're saving if O'_ _ _ _ is elected!!!)

This is Curtis with Cadillac from Averett
What sports...stopping so I can get a photo for my blog!
7.  Said paint is dry to the touch on Sunday, but still a little tacky...
8.  Because it is still raining on Sunday!!!
9.  I am in the mood to throw stuff we have a trash pile that could rival anything from Sanford & Son!!!
10.  My mother-n-law & father-n-law voted for O'_ _ _ _.  What???

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Quiet Simple HALLOWEEN...

We had a wonderful relaxed evening.  We started off with a little trick-or-treating, went to our neighbor's house for a little Halloween party, and we were off to see family & friends.
Logan as Jack Sparrow & Courtney as Elizabeth...
at Ms. Charlotte's house...
with Mr. & Mrs. Murphy...
a late night Candy Swap at the Kast House...
with Jack Sparrow, a cheerleader, Ugly Betty, Elizabeth, a pro fisherman (not photographed) & Dave as a bumblebee (check out Dave...smallest member of the Kast family)!

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