Sunday, November 23, 2008

What on earth has the Hancock family been up to?

In addition to all of our busyness we have been sick, but we're on the mend!!!

Some of what we've been busy doing...

Logan's little fish Macaroni died...I actually think I killed him when I cleaned his tank.  I went to retrieve him right away when the kids told me he was dead and this is what I found.  I felt terrible when I saw his little note!!!
Courtney had a project due for Geography.  They had to create & map their own island with 3 cities, 15 physical features, 2 forms of transportation, a legend/key (hanging from the map it serves as her map key and the key to the Capital City of Peace).  She also had to create a flag for the country.  Courtney included some of our favorite places in her cities...
Great job sister...I would totally live there!!!
Our next bit of busyness...a cornucopia for Curtis's fall display at Publix.  Oh the things you can make out of chicken wire and a pool noodle!
The finished cornucopia in all it's glory at the store.  The kids & I took it to the store after I put the finishing touches on it.  I wish you all could have seen the people staring at us taking this thing into the store on top of a grocery cart.  People were looking at us with a strange curiosity like we all had a third eye or something. 
Then there is this.  It belonged to my husband's father who died when he was only 2.  Ugly to start with and 32 years of being dragged/moved from one place to another hasn't done it any good.  I really wanted to trash it, but was guilted into refinishing it.  I'm actually glad I did keep & refinish it!!! photo of the refinish yet!!!


  1. I'd totally live in that country, too! She thought of it all!
    So sad to read about your fishy.
    The cornucopia you guys made is AWESOME! Holy cow it turned out great!
    Hope you're all feeling better now!
    Welcome back to blogland!
    ~ Les

  2. Wow, you have been gone awhile. Looks like you've been busy. I've missed you though!

  3. She sounds like she is so creative, and did a wonderful job creating that country. The cornucopia is amazing! and looking forward to seeing the refinished piece of furniture. You have been missed! Jackie

  4. I've been wondering about you! Glad you are back to blogging. :) Ya'll have been busy and that is the biggest cornucopia I have ever seen! Good job!

  5. Goodness - it has been busy around the Hancock house. Glad everyone is on the mend.

    I can't wait to see the after picture!!

  6. You've been busy! Great job on the display, it looks terrific! So sorry about your fish too. Graham has a tank in his room that I cannot stand. I would be the one trying to get rid of the fish. But I know it would break his little heart!

  7. She did a fabulous job on her country!!! I'm glad all of you are getting over your sickness.

    The cornucopia looks WONDERFUL you did a great job on it...I bet you did get some looks getting it in there.

    Can't wait to see the re-do on the cabinet thing. Glad you are back!!!

  8. I'd live there as well!!! :)
    The cornucopia (did I type that right) looks so fabulous!! Great job! Oh and no pressure but we all want to see the refinshed project. Can't wait!! ;)

  9. Missed you ! Glad you are back from the busyness. Have a Great Thanksgiving!

  10. You've been missed lady! Glad you're back!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family!


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