Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Weekend from H... E... Double Hockey Sticks...

1.  The kids and I pulled everything out of the garage on a day that it was not supposed to rain.
2.  I painted the garage floor.
3.  It not only poured.
4.  Said paint is taking a really long time to totally dry.
5.  We had to have a plumber out...on a weekend.
6.  We had to have the septic people out...on a weekend.  (thankfully he, a fellow supporter of McCain/Palin, let Curtis help dig so that he wouldn't have to charge us for another hour...because our tank is under the porch...and because he knows we're going to need the change we're saving if O'_ _ _ _ is elected!!!)

This is Curtis with Cadillac from Averett
What sports...stopping so I can get a photo for my blog!
7.  Said paint is dry to the touch on Sunday, but still a little tacky...
8.  Because it is still raining on Sunday!!!
9.  I am in the mood to throw stuff we have a trash pile that could rival anything from Sanford & Son!!!
10.  My mother-n-law & father-n-law voted for O'_ _ _ _.  What???


  1. I too am in the mood to clean out. I will be working on it some more today. So good to have someone that would let Curtis help dig. The kiddos looked so cute for Halloween. Have a blessed week. Jackie

  2. BUSY weekend!!! I would love to paint our garage floor.

    MIL and FIL?!?!? Crazy! :)


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