Sunday, November 30, 2008

Would the Real Dining Room Please Stand Up?

When I originally posted this picture in my post A little bit of evening fall... some of you thought this was our dining room.  
It is actually just a drop leaf table and sideboard we incorporated into our very long narrow living room to fill space.  It is probably one of the spaces in our home we use the most.  The kids eat breakfast there, do homework there, projects, crafts, Curtis & I eat meals there a lot (we don't get to eat as a family often because of Curtis's schedule so I feed the kids and wait on him).  Our living room is one of our favorite spaces also because it is totally open to the kitchen on the one side and the other is an entire wall of sliders that opens the space up to the porch & pool area.
A view from the family room in the front of the house.  This is the piece that got a redo and works perfectly in the space.  Yes...the lamps are the exact same as those in the living room on the sideboard with different shades.  After looking at 9 different stores in 3 cities and online...they were the only ones I liked that were reasonably priced.
From the family room in the front of the house.  Not much can be put in this room because it has 1 window and 3 doorways...but it is perfect for us!
A view from the kitchen.  We got the table & the linen on it from of our absolute favorite places to shop!!!
A look at the front of the redo.  I know the lighting is terrible...I should have taken a picture before I brought it in...that is where my camera is at it's best.  
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I love all of these pictures! I have been wanting to see the big versions for awhile now. :)

    I'm sorry your Thanksgiving week did not go too good. I bet you are glad it is over. :(

  2. Your home is beautiful! Have a blessed week! Jackie

  3. I just finished reading the older posts, and I am truly sorry about the difficult week. I am praying you have a blessed week this week! Jackie

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! So warm and cozy!

  5. WOW! These pictures are breathtaking! Your home is beautiful! You have great decorating taste!

    Happy Thursday!


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