Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Quiet Simple HALLOWEEN...

We had a wonderful relaxed evening.  We started off with a little trick-or-treating, went to our neighbor's house for a little Halloween party, and we were off to see family & friends.
Logan as Jack Sparrow & Courtney as Elizabeth...
at Ms. Charlotte's house...
with Mr. & Mrs. Murphy...
a late night Candy Swap at the Kast House...
with Jack Sparrow, a cheerleader, Ugly Betty, Elizabeth, a pro fisherman (not photographed) & Dave as a bumblebee (check out Dave...smallest member of the Kast family)!


  1. Sounds like a perfectly good time to me!!
    I love the kids costumes they look totally Fab!!
    Oh and Dave is pretty darn cute. Love the stinger!

  2. Great pictures! Love the costumes!!! The kids look great!

  3. They are all so CUTE in their costumes! Looks like a great time was had by all!

  4. The Ugly Betty costume is crackin me up! What a haul on the candy--they racked up!

  5. It's me again.... ;)
    You asked what camera I use. I have a Canon 30D, plus I use Photoshop. I have pictures that I just took of Addison and LOVE them!! I'm hoping to get them posted soon. I'm just beat from the past 2 days! With Halloween and a Birthday Party, I feel emotionally tired. I'll be up and running soon.



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