Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting DRAMA...

-Curtis and I updated our voter registration information at the same time when we moved to this house.
-My Voter Registration Card has been updated and has all the correct information on it.
-My Driver License has been updated and has all the correct information on it.
-I have voted at this precinct before.
-Curtis's name was on the list and mine was not.
-My name had been changed in the system to... Dawn Renee Hancock.  This Dawn Renee is in the system with my address, my DOB.  Interesting!

Because of the name issue... they have said the only way for me to vote is to be transferred back to my old precinct... hence the VOTER AFFIRMATION FORM above!

I hope all went well where you are!!! 


  1. i had that kind of drama, too. i updated our voter info, and craig got his stuff, but i didn't. i was annoyed, because i did all the work but he got the stuff. it is all sorted now, hopefully. i haven't gone to the polls yet.

  2. What a mess - hope it gets worked out soon!

  3. Crazy!!! I hope it gets worked out!

  4. Oh! I'm sorry! I hope it gets worked out too!

  5. Wow! So did you get to vote? In Georgia you can vote early therefore easier to deal with any problems before the day. We voted 3 weeks ago. Jackie


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