Thursday, July 10, 2008


Courtney & Logan were so excited that Charles & Ann got to stay with
us for the night while their mom & dad went to see Dave Matthews!

Charles & Logan playing the Wii...

Ann & Courtney on the computer...always...

The boys went Houdini on me when it was time to clean up!
Can you guess where they are?

The kids went night lights on in the house or outside...
Just the pool light...they love it...and it wears them out!!!

I went to turn off the movie and they were out!


  1. Looks like they had a blast! The picture of the guys sleeping is priceless! Thank you again for watching after them while I got my Dave on!!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time!! :)

  3. Found you by way of Chatting at the Sky, and really like your furniture re-dos. The bookcase is great. Just finished a project last night that had been sitting here for a while.


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