Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Door Project Started...Stay Tuned

We do not like the doors in our house and have been looking for an inexpensive fix.  Ahh...paint.  I decided to start with the bathroom door.  We somewhat renovated the bathroom when we moved in.  It was wall to wall pink tile and a vanity that was in desperate shape.  The only thing I have left to do is order towel hooks to go on the back of the door.  

The door before...

Scratched up no more!

The shelf...a project I actually finished.  And the mirror...Oh how I would love to run ribbon around that, but the bathroom is for both of our children and my husband thinks that with the pink tile that remains in the shower is a little much for the boy.

Getting different hooks for the towels!

Our bucket that once held bath toys now holds American Girl magazines
and magazines featuring hot rods, Corvettes & Mustangs.  

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