Monday, July 21, 2008

Amazing Neighbors

From the moment we met them we loved them...The Murphy's!  They love our children like grandparents love their grandbabies.  Our other neighbor is a home in foreclosure...not so amazing.   The kids had wanted to watch a movie marathon today and why day of nothing but movies never hurt, but as soon as they saw Mr. Murphy nothing would do but for them to be out there with him.  He was working in the yard of the foreclosed home.  We got our shoes on and went out there to pick up sticks then got the mower and off went Logan & Mr. Murphy.  When the tree fell a few months ago the city and bank both refused to do anything about it.  Mr. Murphy and one of our other neighbors were kind enough to cut it up so it would no longer be a danger.  Much of the tree has been hauled off...that thing was huge!

We are praying for a nice family with nice kids that are polite and well behaved to purchase the home and clean it up!  It will need a lot of work since the last owners gutted it completely of copper, cabinetry, doors, frames, oh and the list goes on.  There isn't enough blog space to tell all the stuff these people were in to.  The family that lived there when we moved in was so nice.   The last set of neighbors...not so much!

Kids with Cameras...
Photos compliments of Courtney with the's like 500 degrees!
That's Mrs. Murphy & me.
Logan & Mr. Murphy mowing.
All the sticks the kids picked up out of the yard.
The tree that's been down for months.

1 comment:

  1. Are the Murphy's for rent? Because every neighborhood should have a pair.

    We moved in to our current home that a steroid dealer had owned. His 3 pit bulls had the run of the place.
    Were our neighbors happy to see us!
    God grants your smallest of desires.


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