Saturday, July 5, 2008

Baby Girl's Room (Vikki...this is titled for you!!!)

This is one of my favorites!  I have serious commitment issues when it comes to hanging things on the walls that we paid a small fortune to have I purchased a metal wall tile and painted it & now Courtney can hang whatever she likes on it.  I only had to commit to one thing and it can be changed over & over again!

I love Pottery Barn & all of their must haves...must have a big bank account to buy as shown must haves.  I'm talking about the bulletin board.  If I had only needed one tile that would have been reasonable, but I would have needed nine (9) of their 18" tiles at $30 a shipping & tax!  I ended up making this for only $12.  Love it!  The task lighting isn't my favorite, but it is a must have for homework, so I used ribbon to tie the cord back.

If you're wondering what all of the pink binders are for...if you guessed "another project not finished" you would be 100% correct.  Courtney & I have sorted through all of her school work, report cards, awards & such and will one day place all of it in clear view sleeves in those binders.  That way all of her keepsakes are protected and easy to view.  Oh...and so we don't end up on Oprah because we have 500 bins of papers hoarded in our living space.  I'm hoping to finish this summer!


  1. LOVE IT,LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!Your talents abound :0) Love the pictures from around your house too. If you ever go see had better take me along - and could you make sure we go when it's her Favorites so we can get all that free stuff!! Hey, it gives us more to hoard!!

  2. One more thing...
    You do realize that every single time that someone says Baby Girl...well something REALLY bad happens somewhere!!

  3. I'm love the tiles on the wall!! And I'm sooo glad you found me & my blog!! Keep coming back!

  4. Hi there!
    It's so nice to "meet" you!
    I enjoyed visiting your blog - and I love what you created for your daughter's room!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  5. i didn't know you had a blog! i will be checking this all the time, now. and we will include you on the safe list for our blog.

  6. Hi Kim! I'm Emily, The Nester's sister and saw your comment on the guest post I did over at the Nesting Place. I'm so glad I flew on over here to check you out because I love your board! I especially love the empty pink binders that are still in process. It is strangely encouraging to know that other people have lots of unfinished projects as well :)


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