Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Join me on the journey...

of SOUL Restoration...

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this journey of restoration! A journey I will take with friends. I look forward to journaling through the process and sharing the experience with you.

I look forward to saying farewell to the year that saw...

-my oldest go from tween to teen
-me unable to help people I love as they have struggled
-me turn 36
-us face seemingly insurmountable debt because of the loss of value in our home
-me unable to forgive
-me very sick
-me in surgery twice
-us bearing the weight of being middle class
-me feeling inadequate
-me bearing the weight of being overweight
-me infuriated with the political leaders of this country
-me struggle with obedience
-me unable to focus
-me exhausted
-me unable to quiet my mind
-me stuck
-me with high blood pressure
-me bitter with extended family
-me lose my patience
-me almost lose my mind

I look forward to saying hello to...

-SOUL Restoration
-Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University

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