Friday, October 22, 2010

BOO Ya'll...

So we kicked off Halloween with a...
B.Y.O.P. party
{bring your own pumpkin}
So much fun it was... I really need to post photos!

The invite below {sans home address} was created on Scrapblog.
I love me some scrapblog!!!

So I love the idea of delivering treats to unsuspecting friends & neighbors...

We'll be wrapping up October BOOing some of our friends, teachers & neighbors this coming week... can't wait!

I've seen a ton of cute & colorful "You've Been BOOed" signs, but decided I wanted to create my own look. Feel free to use them... and, send me a note to let me know how it went! Have fun!

"We've Been BOOed" sign for the recipient to put on their door or window... lets everyone know they've been BOOed!
{Would it really be so bad if someone was BOOed twice?}

Tags for my BOO bags...
My favorite bags to use are from the produce department at our local Publix... they're too cute and they're inexpensive!

One of my greatest desires is to see the return of genuine community...
Brighten someone's day & BOO em!

BOO Ya'll,

1 comment:

  1. We love taking the kids to go "booing!" such a fun Halloween tradition! I keep hearing about scrapblog - I need to get familiar with that!


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