Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lakeland Pig Fest

Lunch from Bubba Grills...

A film crew...

For who?

For our favorite guys to get BBQ from?

Maybe... we sure think they're worthy of the spotlight!!!
(their bbq & sauce is out of this world good)

Actually they were all here for this guy...

No... he's not naked...

but, he is The Naked Chef

While we were there we saw our neighbor Mr. Murphy...
and his boys David & BG...

Rice Crispy Pigs anyone?

Courtney & Logan at his favorite Pig Fest activity...
the driving simulator...

We left shortly after this and he was asleep before we got out of the parking lot!


  1. How fun to see the Naked Chef! :)

  2. Another fun family time! That B-Q sounds yummy! Jackie

  3. Loving the pictures!! Hey there pig krispy treats turned out really good! Remember the ones we made for Girl Scouts that time - oh my!!

  4. No stinkin' way! How much fun!!! I love Jamie Oliver!!!

  5. Cool that you got to meet the naked chef. That barbeque looks delish. Looks like a lot of fun..and happy birthday to your little guy. cherry

  6. I had fun reading your last few posts to catch up on your blog hun! You guys have been BUSY with celebrations and FUN!
    Happy day wishes to you all and belated bday wishes to your little man.
    Hugs, Les


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