Saturday, August 9, 2008

Have I ever told you I have the best husband, best kids, best job???

Friday we went to Daytona Beach for the Southeastern University Student Life Leadership Team Building Retreat.  The retreat is actually three days, but we only go for one day since it is so close to the start of school for our kids.  Curtis drove me, the kids & Mrs. Rutland (my amazing director), to Daytona for the day.  Now the retreat is a lot of fun, but we do have some training.  So while I was at one of the team building sessions Curtis took the kids down to the beach.  They weren't paying attention to the waves coming in and their shoes started to float away.  The kids thought that was hysterical :0)

Logan & Courtney
Courtney & Logan with the Daytona Hilton in the background where the retreat was held this year.  This section of the beach was very nice & clean.  Not all of Daytona is this way!
After lunch Courtney stayed with me and Curtis took Logan to the Daytona for the Nascar experience.  They had so much fun...Just the guys!!!  Logan loved every bit of it...especially the hour long 3-D movie they show about Nascar history!
After a meeting about an upcoming project and some brainstorming...Courtney and I headed down to the beach.  She was so good through the whole meeting!

Courtney & Me
I work in FIRST Teams at SEU, which is a mentoring program for incoming freshman students to provide an immediate care network and help with assimilation into college life.  We have about 100 volunteer leaders...16 of them are mentors to the leaders who lead the freshman teams.

Kim, Krista & Kelly...three of the mentors for the program on retreat.

An unexpected wave :0)  The water was somewhat cool for this time of year...probably because of all the rain we have had.
Renee & Kate both work in Student Life.
This is all of the FIRST Teams mentors.  We took this photo at the end of last semester.  Some of them were able to return to school early to attend the retreat and the others will be back this Wednesday...I can't wait!!!  Each one of them will put in 200+ volunteer hours for FIRST Teams this year...not including all the hours of volunteer work they put in throughout the community & their churches.  Each one of these faces represents a blessing in my life.  I enjoy working with them!!!


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We are comforted by every comment and thankful for the support found in the blogging community. Your words were a blessings to us during these past few weeks.

    kari & kijsa

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun!! What a great day!!

  3. I'm so excited to decorate for fall too but I am making myself wait until I get back from vacation at the end of Aug. I can't wait to see pics of your decorations!

  4. What fun! I wish I was at the beach!

  5. hooray FIRST Teams! oh how i miss working with you and mrs. rutland! remember, if a job opening happens, you HAVE to tell me right away!

    thanks for your phone calls. we don't have any minutes left, so that is why i haven't returned your calls. sorry! are you back at school? i will come visit. just let me know what would be a good time.

  6. Best husband? Best kids? Have I met them?

  7. What fun! Like the pics of the writing on the sand..cute. I LOVE your memo board! I am doing an old window project too. Love visiting your blog. cherry

  8. Your beach pics are getting me excited about my beach trip at the end of Aug!


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