Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Savannah after Thanksgiving...

Curtis & I took our first vacation together without the kids... since they were born. Though we missed them, we had a fabulous time! We didn't drive one time while we were there. The way the city is laid out on grid just makes it so easy & enjoyable to explore the city on foot... and we did just that. Our first day we probably walked conservatively 6 to 7 miles soaking in the history of Savannah.

I wore my camera like a third eye. I wanted to capture every inch of a city that we absolutely fell in love with at first sight. We could see ourselves living there one day... many many moons from now!

So... many people believe that Savannah is one of America's most haunted cities. I don't know... But what I do know is that the photo below is straight from my camera and was taken only seconds before the one below it... Hmmm?!?

Same shot seconds later!

The photo below is of a building that I am totally in love with... attached to a home that I am equally in love with. Unfortunately, it caught fire some years ago causing significant damage. It was broken & beautiful at the same time.

So when I say we walked everywhere... I mean everywhere. Including Riverstreet several times... a day! The many stairways to Riverstreet were built by slaves, for slaves, with scraps. They were steep, narrow footed, and uneven.

Vinnie Van Go-Go's was hands down one of the best recommendations we got from our carriage tour guide. A cash only dive with delicious pizza!

On Sunday we went on the Paula Deen Tour & our stop for lunch was Uncle Bubba's. We got to skip straight to the front of a long line at Uncle Bubba's since we were on the tour. Pulled pork & cheese grits... yum! Bonus to the tour... you get a voucher allowing you to call & make a reservation at The Lady & Sons skipping the long line.

We stayed at The Marshall House. The service was fabulous & everything was very clean!

An 11pm walk about the city will stay with us forever. It was quiet, beautiful, unassuming.

In the stillness of the night... a celebration!

On Monday we went to The Lady & Sons. No waiting in line for us since we had our voucher from The Paula Deen Tour!

This would be Jelly Roll ringing the dinner bell... the smile on her face... contagious...

This would be Jelly Roll... the look on her face... priceless...

Last stop... The Paris Market...

We will definitely be going back...


  1. I absolutely love your pictures!! I have been to the Paula Dean Rest. but couldn't get in to eat, but did buy a cook book!! Happy New Year!!
    Kathy :)

  2. Great pictures and it looks like an amazing trip! I've always wanted to go to Savannah...sigh! Lucky you!

  3. Absolutely love Savannah and your pictures. They are fabulous! I love Paula Dean's. We try to make it down there at least once a year.


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