Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Washing Machine Went On the Fritz...

just days before Christmas.  Luckily our friends were going shopping out of town for the day, so we went to their house to do laundry.  Lots of laundry... and it is sheet day for the week... so we didn't just have lots of laundry... we had tons of laundry!

We made ourselves at home and put our keys up right away in the treat basket.  I have nothing to do but hurry up and wait on laundry to cycle so here goes with a few photos around the house... since Mandi's last blog post was 4 months ago!

Mandi had just made the cutest towel with Madeline's footprint and Raegan's hand prints!

This is just above the old wash stand that holds the treat basket & towel.

We brought sweet tea to help us through the day!

Courtney decides to organize Raegan's room while we are there.

Logan makes himself at home in Madeline's room playing the Wii.  Her room just got a redo and her daddy painted this on the wall for her!

This can't even be blamed on the redo.  Sister... get some photos in that frame!

Courtney discovered what still remains an unidentified object/thing!
What on earth?!

Nice job sister... all neat and tidy for the 2 year old to tear in to!

We are starving...what is in the pantry?


My pedicure Mandi did, days short of a month ago, still looks great!

Cute wreath Mandi!

Christmas cards that Mandi created for others... nice!

Cute tree topper!  Whose idea was that?  Oh wait... that was my idea!
Love it!!!

The Peace family returns from shopping and Logan, Madeline & Courtney play on the computer while they wait for dinner!

Thanks for letting us hang out at your house all day Mandi & do our laundry!

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  1. Don't you just love the P's house!! Hey, can you send Court over to organize our house!!!


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