Saturday, October 4, 2008

He didn't think I could dunk him!

The Publix location my Curtis works at raised $30,000 for United Way and the associates decided they wanted to dunk the managers as their reward for raising the funds!  So on Sunday afternoon, September 21st, they got what they wanted!!!

So you're probably wondering what the ice in the dunk tank is for.'s not to make the water freezing for those getting dunked...though that would have been a great idea.

The guys who set this thing up tapped into the hot water system for the store when they filled it and the water was scalding hot.  It had to be iced just to cool it down enough for somebody to get dunked in this thing!
This just cracks me up!!! hubby...said...and I quote...
"you will never be able to dunk me."
So...ball #1...with a flip of my wrist & swish of my skirt...
So...ball #2...with a flip of my wrist & swish of my skirt...
I dunked his tail!!!
I'm still laughing because he was caught totally off guard,
which he admits was totally captured in this photo!

He didn't think I could dunk him!!!

We love Publix!!!


  1. You got him! How fun!
    -Sandy toes

  2. Love it - glad you got him!!

  3. Okay had to come and see your blog after the sweet comment you left me. LOVING YOUR BLOG!! I love your window project. What a great idea and I have old windows all over the place around here, again so cute. I will be back there's good stuff in here.


    PS. Love your hair!

  4. I LOVE it!!! Don't hubby's know by now that if they say we can't do something we WILL definitely do it!?!? I am so glad you dunked him.....hehehe

  5. Way to go! I can't pitch a ball so I would probably go broke trying to dunk someone. Sounds like you had fun. Hope you are doing well. Jackie

  6. You go girl! Way to show who has the arm in the family! :)

  7. Woooohoo!!!! hehehe! Great job! :)

  8. AWESOME! That would be one oppurtunity I would love to get!


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