Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dear Jonas Courtney Hancock

Our schedules have been so hectic I've barely kept my head above water.  I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel though and I'll be back on track.  Well our good friend Nashan got us tickets to go see the Jonas Brothers on Thursday, September 4th.  Yes...almost ten days ago!  There were 15 of us on the trip...six adults and 9 kids.  The kids, every one of them, were perfect!!!  Courtney wrote them a poem before the Jonas Brothers concert before we left using their song titles.  I think it's cute so...
here it is...

Dear Jonas Brothers

I have one last hang out with you.
Because You've Got Me Going Crazy.
This is a SOS moment.
My heart is Burning Up for You.
I will be your Love Bug.
And if I don't see you Tonight.
I will see you In the Year 3,000.
And when I see you...
You will Look Me in the Eyes.
I hope you say we're more than Just Friends.
Cause That's Just the Way We Roll.
I will Hold On to your music.
I have to say I'm Still In Love With You.
So for now Goodnight and Goodbye.

by Courtney Hancock

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  1. Oh, have your ears gotten back to normal from all the screaming yet??? We saw them with the Hannah Montana tour and they were great!! I liked the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana as much as Lexi did I think....I knew all of their


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