Thursday, June 26, 2008 la Aaggghhhhh!!!

So I was off to a good blog start, but by 8:30 Monday morning I had backed into my husband's truck on the way to VBS.  By 9:00 Monday morning I discovered that my husband had washed all of his dress shirts...with dress pants that had a busted pen in them.  He didn't just wash them...he dried them!  Noon had me picking up my 6 year old from VBS who insisted calmly that he did not want to go back to VBS because its too loud?!  That evening I was out buying new dress shirts.  The tag says they are "Wrinkle Free."  Not so much.  The evening does turn around though as I am standing in my friend's hallway waist deep in stuff that came out of her "Monica" closet and we're trying to hang shelves on plaster walls.  There was so much stuff; it was like clowns coming out of the car at the circus.  I'm really not sure we could have gotten all of that stuff back in the closet.  Not so DIY...she did a great job, but we laughed hysterically.  Check out The Peace Family blog for the before & afters to come! 


  1. Oh my gosh she has a post!!!! Hahaha well if she was not so buisy with Monica maybe she could have blogged sooner!! Before and after are up. We need some pics of your hubby shirts that are oh so damaged.

  2. Bless your heart!!! Well as you know I HAVE NEVER backed up into someone --- pick yourself off the floor because you know that is a lie being that you were the one I backed into and all. Sorry you had such a bad start to your week. Here is the silver linging for the clothes mishap - say that it ruined some of your clothes too and go get some new digs!!

  3. That Monday was a little like my last Wednesday.


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