Monday, July 16, 2012

one life...

Crazy how fast a year & a few months goes by {time since my last post}... you just blink & before you know it's gone {time you can't get back}. At 37 {almost 38} the realization that statistically I've probably lived out at least 40% of my life hit me like the shock of jumping in the Jackson River at the crack of dawn {crazy cold even in the summer}. I haven't jumped in the Jackson River since I was a kid at camp, but have never forgotten the feeling... cold that would take your breath away followed by a rush.

Life has certainly given me plenty of lemons, but I am realizing that God gave me a wonderful husband, 2 crazy amazing kids & friends to make this life sweeter. Life has taken my breath away, but I'm feeling a rush thinking of how I could live the remainder of my one wild & precious life!

I will start by getting back to things I enjoy... for me... in no particular order:
1. Blogging {starting now}
2. Photography {learn more, do more}
3. Creative Stuff {from Pinterest}
4. Pinning {yep... I'm addicted}
5. Learning {how to be a better parent, blogger, photographer, creator, organizer, etc.}
6. Reading {whatevs the book club wants to read}
7. Organizing {whole house, whole life, lofty goal, but absolutely possible}

Things I have to look forward to... in no particular order after #1:
1. Celebrating 18 years of marriage {this week}
2. Getting my braces off {may be a little early, but February will be here before we know it}
3. School starting for the kids {craving a routine}
4. Finding respite care for our nana {so I can keep a little sanity}
5. Seeing my husband do great in his newly promoted position {Store Manager for Publix}
6. Grow a little business {maybe}
7. Family photos {maybe sooner rather than later}

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